Founder & President's Message

Dave Werklund

I have always been inspired by the potential in others, and I have spent my career developing environments that empower people to create their own success. When we began the Werklund Foundation in 2006, our goal was to make a positive difference in the lives of people through initiatives that produced sustainable results.

In 2006, I attended a world-class leadership program that had a real impact on my life. When I told my daughter, Deanna, and son, Mark, about the program, they also choose to attend. When Deanna returned, she approached me with the idea of developing a youth leadership initiative, Empowering Minds™, and I agreed that it was a perfect fit for our family foundation.

I have always enjoyed attending leadership programs and I have dedicated myself to the pursuit of understanding the principles of leadership. In truth, I just enjoy being the best I can be and understanding how to bring out the best in others. This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about the Empowering Minds™ leadership programs: the leadership experiences help teens realize their capabilities and allows them to redefine their personal “best.”

The stories we continue to hear are simply humbling, and it brings me so much joy to know students are taking these skills and using them for their own personal betterment. Watching our youth embrace their potential is a far greater gift than I ever could have imagined.

Last, I want to thank the people who work everyday to fulfill our Foundation’s mandate. The Werklund Foundation team is a small, yet passionate group of people who produce powerful outcomes. Lastly, I also want to thank the corporate sponsors and private donors who have supported the Empowering Minds™ initiative.

The Werklund Foundation is committed to building a legacy within the community that will empower youth for years to come.


Dave Werklund
President & Founder of The Werklund Foundation

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